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1_141x141.jpgCurrently, along with global environmental problems, the world faces serious issues concerning the mass death of bees and the consequences, which may appear from the disappearance of honey bees as a species, for the global ecosystems and agriculture around the world.
Today, humanity comes very close to the point where the survival of honeybee becomes problematic.
To solve this global problem a group of researchers from Germany and Russia decided to form an association which would work with concerned organizations and private individuals for project funding to conserve bees.

World Save Bee Fund e.V.
(WSBF e.V.) was registered in Germany (Dresden) on the 18th of June 2009. The aim of the fund is to prevent the mass death of bees and to preserve the global ecological balance of nature.

The main activities of WSBF to save the bees:

  • Promotion of beekeeping as occupation
  • Support of monitoring in beekeeping
  • Interaction with research laboratories studying the causes of the bees’ disappearance
  • Support of researches and new technologies in beekeeping
  • Holding of activities that contribute to the conservation of healthy bees
  • Attraction of wide public attention to the issue of saving the bees
  • Interaction with all specialized social organizations

WSBF ‘s budget is composed of:
  • Annual contributions of WSBF’s active members and WSBF’s partner companies;
  • Donations from individuals and organizations – WSBF’s enabling persons;
  • Funds raised by a fundraising system (a complex of works aimed at raising funds for the implementation of the charter of the Fund).
If today we do not start to take effective measures to preserve the honeybee, the world will face a lot of troubles, the main of which is the aggravation of food crisis. Together we can preserve bees and ensure sustainable development of nature, society and life on the planet as a whole.